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Dream On

Just irys graphics community

Dream on ○○○ irys graphic community ○○○
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Icons, headers and much more of your favourite fandoms!
Just_irys graphics comunity.
Welcome to dreamon_irys my graphics community!
Feel free to Join or watch it!
Layout credit: minty_peach
Claire's headers made by: just_irys

I spend much of time for make everything you can watch in this community so, please follow the rules!
[1] Credit me!
[2] Leave a comment when you take something - I really love, love, love comments!
[3] Do not HOTLINK! Please, the bandwith of Photobucket wants to kill me!
Save all into your own server, Photobucket is a fantastic way!
[4] Textless icons are not bases.
[5] Don't claim my work as your own.
[6] Enjoy!!!

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If you want to affiliate with my community leave a comment [HERE]

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