GossipGirl Stars+Jenny/Nate Kiss Scene, Zanessa and Ashley shots, Twilight and Taylor Kitsch

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Hi! Ok... Well, it's late to say a "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!" and too soon for "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" Mmmmmmmmmmh...
By th way I have a couple of icons for you^^

Hope you like them all!


[Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! I wish that all your wishes will come true! ♥ ♥ ♥]

[teaser] [teaser]
[teaser] [teaser]

>> 1-26 GossipGirl Stars+Jenny/Nate Kiss Scene
>> 27-67 Zanessa and Ashley shots
>> 68-87 TWILIGHT
>> 88-91 Taylor Kitsch
>> 92-101 Xmas Special


[1] Credit just_irys or dreamon_irys
[2] Leave a comment -I ♥♥♥♥ comments!
[3] Do not HOTLINK
[4] Textless icons are not bases
[5] The post will remain public just for [ONE WEEK]!

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Leave a comment to this post if you want that I made icons, banners, headers or something graphics of your favourite actors, actresses movie or series tv... or anything else!
The post-request is always open and will posted ASAP.
I'll post the request in a new post on the community (not in mail or in other private ways).

Use this form:

Graphics: -type of work-
Links: -links to photos, galleries or sites-
Instructions: -if you want that I use a particular colouring that I've already made for my icons or the kind of banner (if I must blending photos or I can use just one pic...)
It' optional, If you leave just the links, I hope to make for you something that you like!^^

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